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Guidelines for opening a new pharmacy:
Complete and submit an application for a Pharmacy Permit obtained from the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy with the appropriate fee, floor plan (drawn to scale or showing distance in feet) of the pharmacy area and copy of lease 15 days prior to a Board meeting. A permit number for the purpose of purchasing legend drugs can be issued at this time. A pharmacist must be present and responsible at the time legend drugs are being stocked and secured in the pharmacy (see ARS § 32-1929).
If controlled substances are to be stocked a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration permit must be obtained from that agency.
If the pharmacy is enclosed within a retail store which sells non-prescription medication and the pharmacist will not be present during all hours that the store is open a Non-prescription Drug Permit will be required for the store (see ARS § 32-1930(A). 1).
Every pharmacy shall have one pharmacist who is designated as the Pharmacist in Charge who shall be responsible to the Board for compliance with all state and federal laws and rules in the operation of the pharmacy (see R4-23-610.A).
All pharmacies must meet minimum size requirements for overall floor space and have adequate counter space available for the pharmacist to perform their duties (see R4-23-609.A. & B.; Hospital Pharmacies see R4-23-655).
All pharmacies must have a sink with hot and cold running water within the pharmacy (see R4-23-611.H).
The dispensing counter of the pharmacy area must be protected by a sneeze barrier (at least 66 inches in height) positioned between the public and the dispensing area (see R4-23-609(H).
The pharmacy shall obtain and maintain current editions of any two or more references books from the approved list (see R4-23-612).
All pharmacies must obtain and maintain the minimum equipment required to operate a pharmacy (see R4-23-612).
All new pharmacies or pharmacies that have changed ownership or location require a final inspection by the Board or its designee before being opened to the public (see R4-23-606).
Applicants should be fully aware that any false or misleading statements contained in the application may cause the Board of Pharmacy to initiate proceedings effecting the license issued upon this application.
Non-resident (out of state) pharmacies: attach a copy of license/permit issued by State of domicile.
Non-resident (out of state) pharmacies: pharmacist-in-charge must hold an Arizona pharmacist license prior to applying for licensure.
  Pharmacy Permit Application
  For current fee information, please contact the Board at (602) 771-2727

License / Permit Verification

License / Permit Online Applications
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Online renewals ended on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013.

If you need to renew your license or permit you MUST renew by mail (check/money order) or in person (check/money order/exact change).

DO NOT apply for new license or permit; this will DELAY your renewal process.

2013 Renewal Fee Chart

License Renewal Form
(for individuals) (PDF)

Permit Renewal Form
(for facilites) (PDF)

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